1965 Dodge Charger – The Muscle Machine Develops

1965 Dodge Charger – The Muscle Machine Develops

The Dodge Charger is a legendary muscle car, – but its popularity has clearly endured, as the model is still in production today. But where did the Charger begin? After all, the first Charger, as a stand-alone model, didn’t appear until 1966; yet there are such things as 1964 and 1965 Dodge Chargers. They’re exceedingly rare, to be certain, but they’re true classics that any automotive die-hard would give a limb to own — or even, in some cases, just to drive. It’s fascinating to look back and see where this esteemed vehicle found its roots.

The 1964 Dodge Charger is a concept car based off of the Dodge Polara. It was a roadster-style vehicle that came equipped with a 426 Wedge engine. This is the rarest of Charger models, and can fetch as small fortune today. The 1965 Dodge Charger actually saw limited release, though it was not yet its own vehicle. Its official name was the Dodge Dart Charger, and it was an option package available for the much more widely available Dart. This model gave drivers a number of goodies, including a Commando 273 engine, premium mechanical specifications, and special badging; the interior also made its mark, boast yellow exteriors and black interiors.

The 1965 Charger saw only a very limited release. Only 180 of these models were produced at the factory, while there were 300 kits made available to be installed by dealers. It also featured special Charger emblems, 13X6 Cragar mag wheels, and even a glass-pack muffler to enhance the roar of the engine. In short, the Dodge Charger began as an ideal muscle car for performance enthusiasts who also valued a bit of visual flash. Suffice it to say that the 1965 Charger is also extremely rare, and a model in good condition can fetch the owner a pretty penny.

We certainly think that every muscle car enthusiast should at least get a glimpse of the classic Dodge Charger. Sure, models produced in 1966 and later are much easier to find, but performance enthusiasts owe it to themselves to at least get a peek at the beginnings of one of the greatest muscle cars of all time.